Star Trek at 25

The Star Trek franchise celebrates its 50th birthday in 2016 which is an incredible achievement when you consider how embedded within pop culture the brand is. I’d wager that most people have a good knowledge of the characters, the ships, the races and even a little of the shows’ phrases rattling around in their brains.

I’m sure that there will be “50 years” posters, a TV special or two, hell, you can probably pick up a souvenir mug or plate too! But, what I really want is to celebrate like its 1991, when Trek was a youngish show at a “mere” 25 years old, and wouldn’t you know, Youtube can help with that:

Better yet, join Shatner and Nimoy as they deliver the Viewers Choice Top 10 classic series episodes. This aired as part of a marathon along with the 25th anniversary documentary above:

And the flourish at the end of the party must surely be the commercials from the 1992 VHS for “Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Special” which serves as another reminder of just how much the Trek universe has changed in the last 25 years – back then The Next Generation was only a toddler, and there were only 5 feature films available to own! Weird how The Animated Series is missing in action…

The videos above are all brilliant to watch, but it is this poster by Henry Lehn, created in 1991, that inspired me to write this post.


You can find more of Mr Lehn’s work at this website:

I can’t finish this article without touching upon the sad death of Anton Yelchin, the actor who played Pavel Chekov in the most recent Star Trek films. I thought he was terrific as Chekov, and even better in Odd Thomas. I’m sure he will be missed by a great many people, and I’m pleased that Star Trek Beyond is expected to honour his memory.

RIP Anton Yelchin, 1989-2016.

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