Scream Factory Presents: The Crush On Blu-Ray

In 1993 for her first feature film, Alicia Silverstone brought teenaged terror to the big screen by way of Alan Shapiro’s thriller The Crush. Now our friends from Scream Factory are bringing that film to Blu-Ray on Tuesday!

For myself the first time I saw The Crush was when I was working at the Razorback Theater that I go on and on about on the site. Honestly…it didn’t do that well in our neck of the woods but when it hit VHS I can vividly recall it being rented out constantly for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t hurt that you have actors like Cary Elwes, who just the previous year faced a different type of evil as Lord Arthur Holmwood in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, or Kurtwood Smith (Robocop) and Jennier Rubin (Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors).

Yeah...I have the one-sheet still from my days at the theater.
Yeah…I have the one-sheet still from my days at the theater.

The Crush finds Nick Eliot (Elwes) arriving in town, searching for a place to live as he has landed a job as a writer for Pique magazine. He lucks out when he is able to rent the guest house from Cliff (Smith) and Liv Forrester (Gwynyth Walsh)…or maybe it’s not all that lucky as he also meets their daughter Adrian (Silverstone). The 14-year-old immediately sets her sights on her 28-year-old neighbor and though the film may be called The Crush, her actions and desires are more in line with 1987’s Fatal Attraction. While at first the highly intelligent as well as manipulative Adrian helps Nick, like sneaking into his place and re-writing his piece for the magazine, thereby getting him kudos from his boss…when he begins to spurn her physical advances she begins to yank the strings that sends the poor man’s life and career into a downward spiral. Adrian won’t stop until Nick submits to her desire and she won’t let anything or anyone get in her way…even if she has to kill to bring them closer together.

One of the things I always thought was interesting about The Crush is Shapiro who was not only the Director but also the writer…and based the script on an incident in his own life…made sure to show that Nick wasn’t entirely blameless in the movie. What I mean is his character at the beginning of the film is definitely attracted to Adrian, he is able to regain some modicum of control however and attempt to put a stop to the unwanted courtship but to be totally honest…he does some real pervy things and has to atone for them.

Sorry, Cary...but what you are doing is pervy.
Sorry, Cary…but what you are doing is pervy.

Being a release from Scream Factory you can be assured that there are worthy extras:
NEW Audio Commentary With Writer/Director Alan Shapiro
NEW The Doting Father – An Interview With Kurtwood Smith
NEW Stung By Love – An Interview With Actress Jennifer Rubin
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot

The Crush on Blu-Ray hits shelves tomorrow but you can always jump on over to the Official Scream Factory Page and pre-order your copy today!


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