Did You Ride Kings Island’s The Bat? (1981)

The Bat was a suspended roller coaster (car hangs down) that began to thrill the Kings Island park attendees in 1981, it was in fact advertised as being the first of that type of coaster. It cost around 4 million dollars to create, which was handled by Arrow Development, started in 1979 – taking 18 months to design and two years to build.

The Bat - Roller Coaster - Kings Island

Here is an awesome bit of vintage news uploaded thanks to Sean Flaharty which gives us a look at what it was like to ride The Bat.

Sadly the ride only last until 1983. It was revealed that tracks were experincing damage and it was decided the price of repairing everything wasn’t worth the effort. A ride would later open at Kings Island that was named Top Gun (Because Paramount bought the park in 1992) opening back in 1993 and is still in operation today, although it was renamed The Bat in 2013 to honor the legendary roller coaster.

The Bat

Where The Bat once stood is another famous roller coaster known as Vortex, a ride that was once the tallest coaster offered with the highest drop and also was the first to feature six inversions.

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Perhaps if we are able to meet in person I can share my adventures on Universal Studio Orlando’s The Incredible Hulk roller coaster…one that ended with me passing out!


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