My RoboCop Stationary Set

So, me and the wife were leaving The Flea Market this weekend and decided to take a different route. Instead of going the front way we went the other direction, over toward The Dump.

Ok, so, we’re driving around by The Dump when I suddenly saw a Junk Store that I’d never, ever seen before which is weird because we drive around a lot looking for Thrift Stores and whatever, in search of Retro Junk you know?

I thought that I’d seen every store around here and it’s weird because it wasn’t a new store either. It had the look of a worn in second hand shop. It was all dusty out front and their sign was beat up.

We went in and started looking around right? They had the typical stuff you’d expect. Some furniture and a few cool looking old globes etc. That sort of thing. Nothing unusual.

I walked around and looked at stuff just hoping to find something cool. I saw some LJN WWF Figures but nobody that I didn’t have. They had a sit down version of Donkey Kong, which was cool but a bit out of my price range as well as the meager space I have left in The ISR Command Center.

I wanted to get something. I mean, we stopped so I had to make it worthwhile when in the back I came across this.. A RoboCop Stationary set! I love stuff like this. It’s so silly and so just, not the thing that a kid would spend their own money on.


This is the kind of thing that an Aunt who doesn’t really know you buys you as a gift. This is the kind of thing that you get at the drug store when you already have the one or two GI Joes that they have in stock..

Robocop the Series - Stationary Set

It is a bit fun.I like the Robocop pencil. I’d totally use that if the package was open. The pencil box is a kinda’ cool too. I don’t know what I’d put in it though, a lighter? Pocket knife? I don’t know really but it is fun.

The best part of the set is that it only cost me 3 dollars. I love a bargain and anything, well just about anything that’s been sealed up since 1987 is a bargain at 3 bones.
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