Even After 32 Years I Am Learning New Things About Ghostbusters!

Even After 32 Years I Am Learning New Things About Ghostbusters!

With Ghostbusters Day yesterday I had the opportunity to head out to the Razorback Theater and catch a reissue of that classic movie. As you might imagine it still holds up incredibly well. We had a solid audience and while I may have seen the film hundreds of times since it’s first release I was made aware – thanks to some good friends I was seeing the movie with of some interesting trivia that somehow escaped my notice these many years.

Like Deborah “Debbie” Gibson was an uncredited actress during the Tavern on the Green scene.
Debbie Gibson
You know, when Louis Tully is running for his very life from the Terror Dog hot on his heels. Gibson is the young girl having a birthday, you can see the balloons above her head around the 39 second mark.

[Via] mkumultimedia

Why even adult film star Ron Jeremy had an uncredited role, standing behind a Police barricade! This pales in comparison to the bigger surprise at how in all of those many, many viewings I managed to miss the poor housekeeper (Frances E. Nealy) trying to put out the fire in the hallway with her spray bottle! You can see it clearly at the 1:09 mark on the video below.

[Via] Ghostbuster.Net

So perhaps this is just another example of why we need to have these classic films shown again on the big screen? The fun of sitting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow fans and getting that opportunity to spot things you never knew before, right?
Ghostbusters Cast


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