Happy Ghostbusters Day!

Well, if you are like many fans today you might be planning to celebrate Ghostbusters Day by heading out to your local theater and catching the 1984 Ghostbusters in rerelease…as well as getting a sneak peek of the upcoming remake.

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Or perhaps you are cracking a smile checking out Paul Feig’s pic he uploaded on Twitter of the surviving original cast members laughing it up with the cast of the new film?

Or you might even be enjoying some of that wonderful and delicious Ecto-Cooler…you know…if you are fortunate to have been able to snag some from Amazon.Com or be near an actual location that happens to sell it? I do apologize if I sound a little bitter over the handling of this particular matter…

Ecto Cooler - Hi C

…thanks to The Nerdist we know that Build-A-Bear is offering three different Ghostbusters themed products. You can outfit your personal bear with a Ghostbusters outfit or make a Slimer or even a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Image courtesy of Nerdist.Com
Image courtesy of Nerdist.Com

Or maybe you might just hang out at home and check out the 1989 Making of The Real Ghostbusters!

[Via] Dr. Tart

Another grand idea might be taking the opportunity to listen to Episode 052 of the Retroist Podcast featuring the Ghostbusters!

Whatever you end up doing on Ghostbusters Day take a moment and be glad that the Ghostbusters are still going strong in popular culture!
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