Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like These “In Living Color” Sketches Parodying Muhammad Ali

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like These “In Living Color” Sketches Parodying Muhammad Ali

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I’m forever feeling inappropriate for not turning in a nice, moving tribute, and instead running right for parody.

But when you think about it, sometimes we need a good laugh to lift our spirits in times like this.

Back in April, after Prince died, I recalled a sketch from the variety show In Living Color that featured Prince and a pair of butt-less jeans, complete with a fake butt and not Jamie Foxx’s actual posterior. Though that would have been lovely!

Screenshot (101) Screenshot (99)

In 1990, during In Living Color’s earliest years, those “Not Saturday Night Live” rebels did a sketch parodying the Three Men And…movies, A Baby and A Little Lady. The latter actually was released in 1990. In Living Color took this a step further with the idea of “Hey, if Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg can raise a child as a trio, then why can’t Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali do the same?”

Screenshot (96)

I know there’s quite a few reasons why this show was edgy and tipped the scales of good taste (I’ve written about various aspects of this show in the past, including two articles for Retroist), but this was likely on the opposite end of offensive. It’s actually quite funny.

What they came up with was Three Champs and a Baby, and Three Champs and a Little Lady. Because sequels are necessary.

The sketches are about Mike Tyson (Keenan Ivory Wayans), Sugar Ray Leonard (Tommy Davidson), and Muhammad Ali (David Alan Grier) all living in the same house, presumably as bachelors.

Screenshot (95)

In Three Champs And a Baby, the champs’are given the responsibility of raising a baby doll up right…as only three champs could.

Uploaded by ilc001

And not content to leave this one alone…it got a sequel in Three Champs and a Little Lady.

Screenshot (102)

In the sequel, the three champs are now raising a teenager (played by T’Keyah Crystal Kemah) going on her first date…

Screenshot (105)

…with the only white guy on the show.

Jim Carrey playing “Gerry Cooney Jr.”

Shocked? Well, yeah…she grew up quickly!


Uploaded by Lumea Iui Gaita

Screenshot (97) Screenshot (94)

The sketch depicts Ali as dunder-headed and slow-witted (and apparently thinking the doorbell means “Round 8,” therefore giving him a reason to punch Tyson. Considering that he was living with Parkinson’s by this time, I’m not sure how his family would have felt about this sketch. But I know how I feel about it – I almost spit water all over my laptop watching this at lunch time.

And those Bill Cosby-esque sweaters “Mike Tyson” wears? Yep, definitely a relic of the times. I also love his excitement over the words “ecstatic” and “ludicrous,” which apparently is a “very big woid.” Yes, woid.

The unanimous decision is comedy? Most definitely!

Screenshot (98)

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For the record, “ludicrous” is not a pretty big word.

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