Remember The Time That Spider-Man Teamed Up…With Harvey Korman?!

Over the course of 54 years, Spider-Man has had a long list of allies he has been able to call on if things got too much out of hand. The Human Torch. Daredevil. Black Cat. Ghost Rider. Captain America. Iron Man. Power Man. The Thing. Those are just a handful of the A-Listers that he has rubbed shoulders with in his career…and that is even before you count his allies as an Avenger!

Did you know though at one point Ol’ Web Head had to join forces with the late great Harvey Korman?! As you can see from the photo it’s totally true. Why? I have no idea in the least, I had a good friend send me this image that he stumbled on thanks to Tumblr.

Spider Man - Harvey Korman

Perhaps they were attending a charity function at the Daily Bugle? Or maybe this was snapped after the two teamed up to face down the threat of the Hypno-Hustler?

Hypno Hustler

We may never know but at least this photo was taken to commemorate the event, right?


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