Toon In: I Am the Greatest -The Adventures of Muhammad Ali (1977)

With the loss of Muhammad Ali on Friday it only seemed fitting that for this installment of Toon In we naturally share an episode from his short lived 1977 animated series. Produced by Farmhouse Films for NBC starting on September 10, the 13 episode series sadly only made it one season.

Although it benefits from having had Ali voice himself in the series, the People’s Champion couldn’t be in the studio with the other actors for obvious reasons so co-creator of I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali, Fred Calvert (The Princess and the Cobbler), would actually fly out to meet the Champ so they could record his lines.

Our offering today is an episode entitled “The Great Alligator” and was the premiere episode. This is actually the first time I’ve seen this particular animated series and it strikes me a little like what the 1983 – 1984 Mr. T animated series would do, Ali is brought into the situation by a group of children…in this case as you can guess from the title of the episode you are going see the legendary boxer take on a scaly opponent.

I Am the Greatest - Muhammad Ali Cartoon

So Toon In and find out the mystery of The Great Alligator with I Am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali!

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I think I should add from watching the episode I am absolutely enamored with how much fun their is in it, let us hope that we somehow can see the series restored on DVD in the near future.


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