How Do You Make Super Metroid Better? Stained Glass Art!

When Metroid was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986 it was kind of a game changer in terms of what my Family would expect from a game from that point on. I’ve explained before that in my household my Grandmother and I were the gamers, with my Father looking on in bewilderment and my Grandfather giving helpful advice…or scathing sarcasm in equal amounts.

Metroid - NES

We were pretty big fans of Metroid to say the least so when we saw in the Nintendo Power that Super Metroid was on coming out, we totally made preparations to have free time set aside to tackle it.

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I was there bright and early at our local mall the day of its release, all but shaking the gate to Kay Bee Toys and with it in my hands I raced back to my Grandparents house. We spent that entire afternoon attempting to guide Samus Aran through Tourian…stopping only long enough to down bacon and tomato sandwiches…and while we wouldn’t beat the game until late in the evening the next day, we all pretty much agreed that there was no possible way that Super Metroid could be improved.

That is until last night when I stumbled upon this absolutely beautiful piece of stained glass art featuring Samus Aran, proudly striking a pose in her Varia suit!

Stained Glass images courtesy of THIS IS WHY IM BROKE.Com
Stained Glass images courtesy of THIS IS WHY IM BROKE.Com

A huge thanks to THIS IS WHY IM BROKE for the heads up on this work of art. I am positive that if sunlight or moonlight was shining through this particular stained glass while you were playing Super Metroid you would in fact have improved the gameplay.

Now I have some good news and bad news. The good news is you can make this yours for a mere $4,000 dollars…that bad news is it’s totally not available at the moment. Although you just might find some other pieces of stained glass art that will catch your fancy…
R2 D2 - Stained Glass - THIS IS WHY IM BROKE


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