Nat King Cole Performs “Nature Boy”

In the last Retro Radio Memories Podcast I shared my appreciation of the 1948 song entitled Nature Boy, I also shared the fact that I didn’t know this was a massive hit for the legendary Nat King Cole, my first introduction to this beautiful song was thanks to David Bowie’s cover of the tune from 2001’s Moulin Rouge!

While trying to find a little more information on Nature Boy I learned some rather interesting facts about the writer of the song, a man by the name of eden ahbez and how very autobiographical the song truly is which of course lends an even greater weight to the lyrics when Nat King Cole performs it in the video below.

[Via] Hugo Marques
I mentioned this on that RRM podcast but apparently ahbez was quite enamored of Cole’s talents and wanted to gift Nature Boy personally after a performance at the Lincoln Center but was stopped by the entertainer’s manager. Thanks to Cole’s valet the music was indeed delivered to its intended recipient which began a search to find eden after Cole performed the number a couple of times with a live audience and realized how well it was received. Permission from ahbez was needed to be obtained to release the song as a single and eventually Nat King Cole located the songwriter, living under the Hollywood sign!

ahbez’s song was performed by more than just Nat King Cole and David Bowie, covers were also performed by Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, Natalie Cole as well as Frank Sinatra!

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