In The Not-Too-Distant Future…You Could Have A LEGO MST3K Set!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K proved from 1988 until 1999 that comedy and good friends…even if they were robotic…was the best way to get through some very, very bad movies with your sanity mostly intact. Of course there is a revival of the series just around the corner starring Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn so what better time than to propose a LEGO set for MST3K? Right?

MST3K - Football

Submitted by JMaster just a few days ago, the support needed to reach 10,000 votes to have it reviewed by LEGO has already hit 400 plus with 363 days to go. I tell you that if we can have Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who and even a set for the Big Bang Theory I can see no reason at all we MSTies can’t have a LEGO version of the Satellite of Love as well as minifigs of our favorite characters!

MST3K - Mike - Joel - LEGO

MST3K LEGO - JMaster

From the LEGO Ideas page, JMaster explains his thoughts on such a set:
“Included in the set would be both of the show’s unwilling hosts, Joel Robinson and Mike Nelson! Of course, all of the ‘Bots from the show would be included as well: Cam-Bot, Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow! Every one of the Mads would be included in their locations as well; including Dr. Erhardt, TV’s Frank, Professor Bobo, Brain Guy, and both Dr, Clayton and Pearl Forrester! The set would also include the Satellite of Love, the vessel that trapped Joel, Mike, and the Bots. The host room with “Movie Sign!” lights and buttons, famous hallway doors, and the theater will all be included! This show had talented writers, an original premise, and lasting pop cultural fame to this day. Thanks to Mystery Science Theater, we all take bad movies a little less seriously now, and laugh when there was nothing funny before.”

All images courtesy of JMaster and LEGO Ideas.
All images courtesy of JMaster and LEGO Ideas.

So follow that link provided up top and lend your support before the Mads hit us all with…MOVIE SIGN!!


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