Stan Freberg Proved Lawnmower Ads Need Sheep

These past few weeks I’ve been on something of a Stan Freberg kick. I haven’t been just listening to his classic comedy work like John and Marsha, Cry, and The Great Pretender but also his hit fantastic parody of the Chords’ Sh-Boom.

[Via] alainc91

Thankfully YouTube has more than just a collection of Freberg’s musical gems but quite a bit of his work in television commercials as well. Like this great ad for Jacobsen Lawn Mowers in which we see the benefits of a Jacobsen mower over your garden variety sheep.

[Via] Chuck Collins

I think that even though the mower is definitely better suited for Mr. Fiendster’s lawn…it’s not as adorable as the sheep right? Right?
Jacobsen Lawn Mowers - Sheep


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