Marshal Mallow Cocoa Mix

Many weekends during my childhood were spent dragged from our home to our family cabin nestled in the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon. Many a morning I’d wake up and find a thin layer of ice had formed across the top of the water that filled the toilet in the bathroom. Folks, in the wintertime, that place was COLD! The large creek that flowed nearby would freeze completely! It was spectacular! Where am I going with this? Well, when we’d wake and rise from our toasty sleeping bags, my little body would hit that frigid air, I’d need to warm up…QUICK!

What better way to do that than with Marshall Mallow Cocoa Mix! You know what made it great? Marshmallows! Not just boring barrel shaped marshmallows, but little star shaped marshmallows! Not so amazing now a days, sure. But when you’re nine years old, this gimmick was pretty awesome! In every box of Marshall Mallow, they also included this sticker! The deal was sealed!


So with that, I leave you with the fun little commercial that most likely started my need for little star shaped marshmallows in my cocoa.

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