Cowabunga! NECA Releases TMNT Arcade Turtle Sets!

In 1989 when Konami unleashed their 4-Player arcade classic beat ’em up based on the immensely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, I doubt even they knew just how many quarters the machines would start bringing in.


In my neck of the woods the game made it’s first appearance at our local mall, in an arcade that literally had been one of the very first to open in our area called Over the Rainbow. This was such a huge things for my friends and I that we…well…ditched school to be some of the first kids to play it. We even went so far as to record the entire game and post it on our local public access channel!

Well, if you too count yourself among the legion of fans of this arcade game I have some exciting news for you. Those mad geniuses over at NECA are unleashing two new arcade inspired TMNT sets. One featuring our favorite pizza ravaging Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Images courtesy of NECAonline.Com
Images courtesy of NECAonline.Com

TMNT Arcade - Mikey - Foot Soldier - NECA

…and the other featuring the villainous Shredder and various members of the Foot Clan. You can also see these sets will come in arcade inspired packaging.

Shredder - Foot Clan - NECA

NECA also released this arcade inspired commercial over on their YouTube channel to announce the box sets.

Now the bad news, if you watched the video you saw these will indeed be San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. As in they won’t be sold at your local Toys R Us, etc. Which quite frankly makes me feel a little…you guessed it…shell shocked.
TMNT - Shell Shocked


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