Star Trek The Motion Picture: Captain Kirk Figure By Mego

So I’m poking around The Mojo Sales Flea Market here in my hometown of Santa Rosa like I do every Sunday, not having a bit of luck like I’m also sometimes known to do, when I came across this beauty right here!

Yes indeed, A still on it’s original card Mego Star Trek The Motion Picture Capt. Kirk action figure! It was just sitting there in a stack of carded Star Trek figures by Playmates. Those are the ones that you prolly see all the time…the more current one, the one’s that feature just about every character ever to appear in Star Trek, even if only for a minute…

Admiral McCoy - Star Trek the Next Generation

This one though. This Kirk here, while not rare by any means is still a sort of a rare Flea Market find. I mean, they came out in 1979 which while that might not seem like a long time ago to us retro-folks was actually like, a really long time ago!

In my opinion anytime you find something from the 70’s still in it’s original packaging just sitting there on a Flea Market table, that’s a cool find. So I found it, that’s step one. The second and much more difficult step is actually getting the thing…That’s the tricky part. Getting what you want at a price that’s cool to you.

The vendor is a known commodity. They call him “The Star Trek Guy” This dude at times has filled his entire table with Star Trek stuff, figures, dolls, collector plates, you name it. Over the years though he’s sort of thinned out his Star Trek inventory to where he just has a few Playmates figure out on the outer edges of his booth. A few Playmates figures and this guy here…

Star Trek - Mego

Star Trek - Card Back - Mego

So I approach him expecting some sort of silly real world price when low and behold dudes says…”1 dollar”. ONE DOLLAR! I couldn’t believe it. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t get my money out quick enough.

I really don’t know what he was thinking.While not a high value figure this guy here could prolly get you 30 or 40 bucks online. Maybe he was just being nice.Maybe he was just sick of looking at all the Star Trek he must have at his house.. Who knows? What I do know is that I am super stoked to have this guy. Like REALLY STOKED! He’s so awesome. I think that I would have preferred a Mr.Spock but if you can only pick one Star Trek figure you can’t go wrong with Captain Kirk. He’s the man!

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