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I don’t think I have to say that the vision of a zombie apocalypse that George A. Romero started back in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead has been pretty much embraced by everyone thanks to not just Romero’s films but their shambling and decaying appearances in popular culture like Resident Evil, the Book of the Dead anthology novels, and of course The Walking Dead comic book which spun off into AMC’s highly popular television series.

But there is almost a fear for we fans of the living dead and that is thanks to a superabundant offering of zombie films and TV shows that a point has been reached where the genre is going to collapse in upon itself like an axe to the chest from the redundant stories being told over and over again.

Scott Serkland

Which is why it is so nice that artist and writer Scott Serkland of Serkworks Art Labs has started a small Kickstarter to help bring his vision to fans by way of a series of comic books, a unique one where a group of neighborhood kids must band together in an attempt to survive an unexpected zombie uprising. To add an additional spin on his story, Serkland has set this comic series fully in past. The 80s!

All images courtesy of Scott Serkland.
All images courtesy of Scott Serkland.

I will let Scott Serkland go into more detail himself with his Kickstarter video.

While Serkland’s story certainly has elements of The Goonies and The Monster Squad in the end it’s still a story about zombies causing destruction and loss of life so there are some very real horror elements to it to be sure. Like when our main protagonist Sam Young awakes to find that the not exactly stellar home life for himself and his little brother has gotten far worse…thankfully he and Tad can count on some friends like Mitch Thompson to lend a hand.

Young and the Dead - Scott Serkland

The support for Scott’s Kickstarter project is set painfully low from a single dollar for just wanting to lend some help but if you give a little more…
ten dollars - young and the dead - Scott Serkland
15 dollars - Young and the Dead - Scott Serkland
25 dollars - Scott Serkland - Youn and the Dead
The levels of support grow from there and include one of a kind items like a zombie sketch, signed physical copies of the books plus of course the digital versions and more. So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to Scott’s Kickstarter and take a stand against the ravenous hordes of zombies threatening the heroes of Young and the Dead: No Zombies Allowed!
Young and the Dead - Title - Scott Serkland


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