Check Out This 1996 SEGA “Trainumentary” For Game Testers!

How many of us in our youth after finishing a marathon run on Sega’s Shinobi for the Genesis or Konami’s Jackal for the NES thought it would be amazing to work for a game company? I know that I certainly did and when it was announced in Nintendo Power that there were people who got paid to play games all day called Testers…that just sounded like the greatest job ever invented.

Of course there is the shiny dream version of that job and the reality of what being a Tester truly entails, which is hours upon hours of playing the same game looking for bugs that break the gameplay or even making sure the text presented during play is correct.

Sega Offices 2

The other day the Retroist was kind enough to share with me this awesome thirty-minute training video produced by SEGA back in 1996 that gives their prospective Testers a taste of what they can expect as well as the importance of their role in the grand scheme of the gaming company.

Sega Offices 3

This video that was uploaded by John Jansen of Green Mill Filmworks is also chock-full with some great 90s music and background treats like that AWESOME Darkman standee but the second greatest fighting game of all time for home consoles, which in my humble opinion was 1993’s Eternal Champions!

Sega Offices - Darkman

Eternal Champions

Sega Warehouse
This “Trainumentary” of course gives us a great behind the scenes look at SEGA during that time when the Genesis and Super Nintendo were still locked in a constant battle to get gamers to side with their camp.

This is SEGA TEST (1996) Director JOHN JANSEN from Green Mill Filmworks on Vimeo.


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