Toon In: St. George And The Dragonet (1950s)

Welcome back friends to another offering of Toon In, that time of the week that we can share some classic animated shorts or noteworthy animation worthy of your viewing. This week we have something interesting. A stop-motion animated short featuring the audio comedy recording from Stan Freberg and Daws Butler’s “St. George and the Dragonet”!

Originally released on September 21, 1953 by Capitol Records as a 45, Stan Freberg and Daws Butler’s audio parody of the popular Dragnet TV show (and of course the original radio series) reached Billboard’s #1 spot. I have no doubt that most of you have heard it as we have shared it before on the site in the past.

Stan Freberg

This stop-motion animated treasure was produced in the 1950s although I have found no firm date although it obviously came out after 1953, right? Freberg and Butler had already left the Time for Beany! show at that point…it almost looks like something from George Pal’s Puppetoons series but those ceased production in 1947.

At the very least we know we can enjoy this little stop-motion treat so Toon In as we watch St. George and the Dragonet!

[Via] Mister Kleenhead


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