Frozen Pizza Advertising was Pretty Intense in the Sixties

This gem for Jeno’s Frozen Pizza was put together by the great Stan Freburg in the late sixties and at over a minute it is a fairly epic piece of advertising. In it, a husband rushes into home, kicking in the door, he immediately starts discussing pizza. Which is not all that weird, it is how I prefer to make an entrance. But he isn’t here to talk about just any pizza. He is here to talk about frozen pizza. And not just any frozen pizza, but Jeno’s Frozen Pizza. The whole ad is an over the top farce that reminds me of the Airplane! films with its wordplay and non-stop weird silliness.

If the actors in this commercial look familiar, you probably watch a lot of old TV. The wife is played by Joyce Jameson, who in addition to doing some great cartoon voice work, also had a recurring role on The Andy Griffith Show. The husband, played by Richard “Dick” Peabody who not only looks like a cross between Leonard Nimoy and Lee Marvin, but was also on the TV show Combat!, where he played Private First Class Littlejohn.


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