“Coronation, Starscream? This Is Bad Comedy.”

I have no idea if when Anthony Darkenstein walked through the doors of the Calvary Comic and Entertainment Expo dressed as Galvatron if his first action was to immediately stalk the floor of the show to find someone dressed as Starscream…but I bet if he had it would have to play out like in 1986’s Transformers the Movie, right?

All my silliness aside I think Anthony’s Galvatron outfit is probably one of the most impressive pieces of cosplay that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing on the site before, in particular I love the light up Decepticon symbol. These images are courtesy of TFormers.Com!

All Images Courtesy of TFormers.Com
All Images Courtesy of TFormers.Com

Anthony Darkenstein - Galvatron - TFormers.Com

Even though when I first saw Transformers the Movie I was in a state of shock over the death of some of my favorite characters…seeing Starscream die so brutally shockingly made me feel bad for the character.

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