May The 4th Be With You As You Watch This 1982 Kenner Return Of The Jedi Sales Video!

There is never a bad time to take a moment and celebrate the legacy of the Star Wars franchise but I personally enjoy May 4th being selected as a worldwide day to loudly profess our love of the films, comics, books, games and of course toys that have brought us so much happiness.

For myself while I was able to pick up a Marvel Star Wars comic now and again off the spinner rack at my local gas station it was those wonderful action figures and vehicles that I spent many, many a hour of my youth with on the living room floor that kept my love of the films alive. By the time the products talked about in this video below were released it is fair to say that Kenner truly had done an amazing job of helping us young fans reenact our favorite moments from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back as well as forge our own adventures that couldn’t be considered canon…like that time when I decided that Luke, Leia, and Han needed to be rescued by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Kenner was understandably devoted to keeping the toy line going strong as you can see from this wonderful 1982 internal sales video…and you will NEVER find an announcer so excited as the one in this video. I so very much wish this guy was narrating my daily life because I would feel so much more heroic and successful at my job.

[Via] MOTU Classics

Now even though May the 4th is a great time to celebrate the past movies, as is evident from this video that just went online featuring Daisy Ridley and a few friends, wishing everyone a Happy Star Wars Day…we fans of the franchise have taken to heart the true message of these films so we might all unite and be a Force for Change.

Star Wars

So from all of us at the Retroist…May the 4th be with you!


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