Star Wars Force Awakens Custom VHS Cover

There is something about a VHS tape. Something special. Something fun. I used to stock shelves and checkout tapes as a clerk and later manager at my Local Video Store so VHS is in my blood. I’m not the only one that feels that way and the recent upswing in the custom VHS cover game shows that to be true.

Custom VHS? What am I talking about right? I mean, what even is that? Let me hip you to it if you aren’t down already. Lots of people like tapes. They like how they look on a shelf or on the screen. They like how the tape feels, and in a statement that is more than likely the most true, they like the cover art. Dudes like the look of the old style tape sleeve art. The pics of scary monsters, the shots of buxom ladies, the drawings of things that aren’t even in the movie, things like that.

Dudes like it so much that they take it upon themselves to make their own covers of recent films, movies that are never ever going to get the VHS treatment since you know, they don’t make VHS anymore. They do it as an art project or just out of love for the style. For whatever reason it might be that they do it I dig this scene ALOT.

I don’t have the art skills to make my own covers. I’ve tried. It’s not pretty. Other dudes out there on the good old WWW are masters of the craft and sometimes they present their art on facebook groups dedicated to VHS or on other places of that sort. Places where VHS fans hang out. Anyhow, I was poking around a group that I frequent where dudes share recent tape finds and pics of their collections and one of the regular members posted some pics of a group of custom covers he made. He had Deadpool and Mad Max and most awesome of all, Star Wars The Force Awakens.

I had to have it. I don’t really buy things like this very often but man, I was geeked and had to get one of my own. I contacted dude and he was super nice and professional and whipped it out my way a few days later. When it arrived here I was just, dude, I was on Cloud 10. The sleeve it’s self is in the style of the classic CBS Fox style VHS Cover and will fit in perfect with my collection of Fox Star Wars Tapes!

Star Wars VHS Back Cover

Overall I’m really happy with the purchase. As a Star Wars fan and as a collector or VHS Awesomeness this is now one of the centerpiece of my recent buys. I have it on a shelf right now where I can see it as I’m typing this up. It’s so neat, it’s like it came from alternate universe where VHS is still in full effect. I don’t know man, that sure seems like a sweet universe to me. A nicer, kinder,more gentle place where people are kind and always remember to rewind…

Star Wars VHS Tape

If you are interested in taking a look at some of the wares my man over at Afraid Of The Basement has up for sale, that’s where I got the tape from, hop over to HERE to check it out! He has custom covers, awesome prints of spooky stuff as well as his own line of VHS Madness. It’s not to be missed.

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