Kermit The Frog’s Appearance On The Hollywood Palace (1966)

Kermit The Frog’s Appearance On The Hollywood Palace (1966)

Jim Henson was already making a name for himself by 1966 not just thanks to his numerous television appearances with the Muppets on the likes of the Ed Sullivan Show and the Jack Paar Program but that same year he was nominated for an Oscar with his short film Time Piece. Sadly he lost out to Chicken by Claude Berri but he kept busy with two popular appearances on the hour long variety show The Hollywood Palace, one that featured a new celebrity host each week.

Muppets - The Hollywood Palace

The first appearance was with host Robert Goulet where Jim had Kermit playing a piano when a monster makes an appearance, our favorite frog is forced to perform to an ever larger variety of creatures. The video below is not the greatest quality but you won’t have any issues making out what is going on and you also have the bonus of some awesome vintage TV ads.

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The second appearance of the Muppets on the Hollywood Palace was aired on April 30th, 1966 and had the legendary Fred Astaire acting as host. This performance finds Kermit being interrupted by a group of glow worms and ends with the tried and true early Muppet performances…things gets eaten!
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That last monster was named Big V and you can see Jim and Frank Oz as well as Jerry Juhl clowning around in this 1965 photo thanks to the always amazing Jim Henson’s Red Book.

Image courtesy of Jim Henson's Red Book.
Image courtesy of Jim Henson’s Red Book.


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