Check Out These Collectibles That Were Available For Wrath Of Khan!

Back in 1982 when Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was released it thrilled audiences with it’s epic story and special effects…including one of my favorite ship battles ever!

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But shockingly enough what the film release was missing was any toy tie-in. Of course it is slightly understandable as 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture was heavily marketed and that turned out to be something of a bomb.

Star Trek Bowl 5

That isn’t to say that Wrath of Khan didn’t find itself offering any collectibles as you can plainly see from this ad in the September 1982 issue of Starlog you totally could have nabbed ceramic mugs featuring the likenesses of Mr. Spock, Kirk and Khan. You also could have bought a set of 5 buttons, a brass Enterprise keychain, insulated photo mugs and even two different felt pennants!

Star Trek II Wrath of Khan Order Form

I think that it’s time to head over to eBay now. Sigh. I somehow doubt I will be able to buy a set of those insulated mugs for a mere twelve bucks anymore.


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