Look To The Skies! It’s The War Of The Rocketmen!

The other day Retro Art Blog sent me a link that he was more than a little sure would get my attention. Honestly. That is an understatement. I flipped out when the link took me to an IndieGoGo campaign by John Semper Jr. (The Smurfs, Bionic Six, Fraggle Rock, and Spider-Man to name a few of the animated series he has worked on!) trying to raise funds to at least create an animatic for a pilot episode of the animated War of the Rocketmen.

All images courtesy of Secret Media Empire.
All images courtesy of Secret Media Empire.

A project that is totally inspired by the “Rocket Man” characters in the absolutely classic Republic Serials of the early ’50s. By the way at the 44 second mark, wave to the thug in the dark hat…because that is none other than TV’s The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore.

[Via] Conny1982

Not only would this animatic that Semper Jr. intends to create be fully scored but feature the voice talent of the cast of Fox’s hit Spider-Man series including:
JENNIFER HALE (“Felicia Hardy/The Black Cat”)
GARY IMHOFF (“Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin”)
RODNEY SAULSBERRY (“Robbie Robertson”)
GREGG BERGER (“Mysterio” and “Kraven The Hunter”)
ED ASNER (“J. Jonah Jameson”)

Rocketmen vs Nazis - War of the Rocketmen - Secret Media Empire

As someone who writes about his love of the Rocketeer I think it’s more than simple to see why I felt I should share this particular kickstarter with you. Also on board are three talented artists to help shape the look of the pilot episode like Dell Barras, Frank Grau, and an artist we’ve shared artwork once or twice before…Des Taylor!
Flight of the Rocketeer - Des Taylor

So enough of my excitement about the project – why not let John Semper Jr. explain it himself?

So go ahead and hop on over to the War of the Rocketmen IndieGoGo page and make sure to check out the official Secret Media Empire and Facebook Page for further information.


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