I Want To Be a Secretary…And Other Confessions People Who Aren’t Warriors of the Office Will Ever Make

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Says no one willing to be the Office Everyman(woman) who can juggle filing, phones, and fixing the jammed copy machine…and jotting down quick instructions or a note with their writing hand.

We’re just that good.

As an Administrative Professional with ten years’ experience, I can tell you that it is not an easy job. You juggle multiple tasks, wear many hats, and help keep the workplace running smooth day in, day out. No clones available, just you. Over the years, the job has grown into much more than mailing letters and taking shorthand – Administrative Professionals still provide all the essential tasks (photocopying, faxing, and yes, filing), but also pay the company bills, enter vital reports, order supplies, help set up and break down office parties, answer phones, attend meetings and sit quietly while taking minutes, check the work of others, and providing crucial support to a department’s operations.

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Not everyone likes this type of work, and it’s ok, they don’t have to. If you ask an Administrative Professional, there are parts of their job they love…and parts they don’t love. I enjoy data entry and working in databases, but I dislike filing and being up to my arms in copier toner because the copy machine jammed and, because this happens, no one told me. I’m required to be on my game and helpful, even on days I’d rather be somewhere else. But the thanks you get from an authentically grateful co-worker or supervisor is a deserved reward.

And so is vacation time. Lots of vacation time.

The profession has grown since the days of typing classes, Secretarial training, and yes, the plot of 9 to 5.

So here, for your Administrative Professionals Day viewing, some short films on being an Administrative Professional, when it was called “Being a Secretary” and looked like glorified “Women’s Work.”


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Uploaded by shaggylocks

And if you’d like to see my little tribute to this evolved profession (made in 2015 for Administrative Professionals Day), take a look at this video I made. Just one of my talents is making music videos, and well, these videos were prime for it!

Uploaded by…Yours Truly! :-)

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all of the Administrative Professionals who have ever been Professional…in the Administrative sense!

I’d tell you to take a stack of papers and throw them on the floor in celebration, while telling your boss to do their own filing, but that’s not very “Professional” now, is it?

No, not the last time I checked.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Allison is a hard-working Jack of All Trades, working for six years as a Administrative Professional in a non-profit, providing support to several departments and doing varied work that far exceeds the kind of work Secretaries did way-back-when. Prior to that, she worked in the office (and later the Pro Shop) at a semi-private country club, getting golfers ready to hit the links. If you like what you’ve seen here, she’d love for you to visit her on her blog, Allison’s Written Words, subscribe on Facebook, and say hi on Twitter @AllisonGeeksOut.

She has never thrown a stack of papers on the floor, celebration or otherwise. Because unprofessional and messy.

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