“Donkey Kong Classic” Gives Us A Look At How Dangerous Mario’s Ascent Would Be!

Earlier this afternoon, my fellow Retroist writer Hayden Yale was kind enough to give me the heads up on an awesome video by My Name Is Banks entitled “Donkey Kong Classic”.

Images courtesy of MyNameIsBanks.Com
Images courtesy of MyNameIsBanks.Com

I can tell you that in my youth there were many hours where I pretended to be scaling the construction site in an effort to thwart Donkey Kong’s kidnapping attempt…this included jumping over trash cans that were rolled down our hill…and I had the scrapes and bruises to show for my failed attempts. Although thankfully nothing quite as bad as what Mario, played by Banks, has to contend with as he faces off against Donkey Kong.

Barrel Hit - Donkey Kong - MyNameIsBanks

Watching this almost three minute short film, that took Banks about 9 months to complete might make you respect Mario/Jumpman’s bravery and skills a little more the next time you play the 1981 arcade classic.

[Via] MyNameIsBanks

The talented Banks also provides a breakdown of the creation of his short film.

Perhaps Banks whose work you can check out at My Name Is Banks will give us a prequel short film explaining what made Donkey Kong abscond with Mario’s friend in the first place?


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