Happy Alien Day! Now Check Out This Mondo Exclusive Aliens LP!

Happy Alien Day! Now Check Out This Mondo Exclusive Aliens LP!

You might recall a couple of weeks back when we shared the news that today, the 26th of this month would be more than just Atari Day but also Alien Day!

Alien Day - LV 426 - Alamo Drafthouse
If you want a lowdown on all of the amazing stuff being released today for fans of the Alien film universe you can totally just follow the link here.

One of the items that I am most interested in (Besides Ripley and Bishop’s footwear from Reebok) is Mondo’s release of the late great James Horner’s masterpiece of a film score for 1986’s Aliens, one of the first scores that actually made me stress while I was watching it at the 62 Drive-In.

[Via] James Horner Community

Not only is this deluxe edition being offered on vinyl, it includes five bonus track and as you can see features a pretty killer album design by artist Kilian Eng. The Album will go on sale at 11AM CST today for $35 on the Mondo site.

All images courtesy of Mondo.
All images courtesy of Mondo.

That is not all though as you can really show your devotion to the soundtrack by picking up the Xenomorph Blood Liquid Edition. Yes, these sets limited to only a printing of 75 copies have “Alien” blood in them. Which is possibly one of the more cooler things I’ve typed in an article for the Retroist.

Aliens - Filled LP

From Mondo’s site: “…pressed on clear vinyl and filled with a Green Xenomorph blood liquid. These are painstakingly hand-made by our pal Curtis Godino and super limited.” This editon is also quite a bit more expensive as it will cost you $225 when it becomes available for sale at 11AM CST as well.

Aliens - Mondo

Besides the Aliens LP, Mondo is also releasing the soundtrack to 2012’s Prometheus and it too will go on sale at 11AM CST for $35.

Prometheus LP Front - Mondo

So from everyone here at the Retroist we once again wish you a very happy Alien Day and remind you to “Stay frosty” out there.


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