Hi-Yo, Silver! It’s Milton Bradley’s 1966 The Lone Ranger Board Game!

A couple of weeks back on a Toon In we shared a 1966 episode of the British and Australian produced Lone Ranger animated series. To be honest I am really taken with the show. I still go on record as saying Alex Toth helped design the animation style for the show or at least his art helped inspired the direction they took. Of course the tips of the hat to another of my favorite TV shows, The Wild Wild West doesn’t hurt my love of the show.

The Lone Ranger - The Fly

Anyway, yesterday I became curious as to if they released any merchandise and my first Google hit was from the always excellent BoardGameGeek. It turns out that in 1966 Milton Bradley produced a board game based on the then current TV show, one in which you are aided by the Lone Ranger and Tonto along with his Eagle, Taka, as you try to reach the fort first and win the game.

All images courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com
All images courtesy of BoardGameGeek.Com
Hey! Taka gets his own space on the spinner...why not Silver and Scout?!
Hey! Taka gets his own space on the spinner…why not Silver and Scout?!

Thankfully I was able to win a copy of this game on eBay for $15…I’ll share some pics on the site if I can round up some people at the arcade to play after work. Until then though why not watch this episode of the 1966 animated series entitled “Secrets of the Warlock”?


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