Don’t Stop The Geekin’ By Marc Allie (Book Review)

Last February I had the absolute pleasure of being asked by Author Marc Allie to review his exceptional I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn’t Cool and at the end of that review I commented that I hoped he would expand his personal experiences into a series.

I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn't Cool - Marc Allie

So I was very happy when Marc contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I wouldn’t mind reviewing his second book, Don’t Stop the Geekin’. When I got a little time to myself I was able to sit down…and before I knew it I was finished with his latest 131 page offering and once again I found myself fervently hoping the Author will continue the series.

Don't Stop The Geekin' - Marc Allie

Where the takeaway from Marc’s first book was pointing out with heaps of relatable humor that all of us as kids spent an awful lot of time trying to fit in…sometimes to our detriment when attempting to appear cool (proven in Marc’s case concerning some Dallas Cowboy pencils in this volume) with Don’t Stop the Geekin’ the Author gently takes us by the hand and reminds us also of that moment of joy when all of that angst melted away, all of the bullies and fears we carried with us were washed away as we found ourselves stunned to find we had in fact became comfortable with ourselves.

I feel I should make a point of mentioning that in this second book there are illustrations from not only a very talented artist but the original illustrator for the Retroist, Christopher Tupa!

Ms Pac-Man - Christoper Tupa - Marc Allie

Marc Allie has penned once again a personal look at his youth that mirrors ALL of our times growing up, no matter what decade you happen to have been born into. His approachable style of writing is that of two friends talking over lunch, good memories of favorite video games and cherished childhood toys mesh seamlessly with the fears and confusion that marks the onset of the difficult road that is adolescence. Allie however in his humorous anecdotes shares it all with such honesty that I can truthfully say Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is just as worthy as any of the works of Jean Shepherd.

If you are a visitor to the Retroist I can guarantee you will appreciate Don’t Stop the Geekin’ and the great news is you can hop on over to Amazon.Com and order a copy for your Kindle right this second for a scant $2.99…that would have netted you like 30 of those special NFL themed pencils from Marc’s childhood!


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