Milton Bradley’s Time Bomb Looks Like It Was A Real Blast (1964)

I was looking up a board game last night when I stumbled across this delightful TV ad for a 1964 game called Time Bomb. It’s hard to imagine that we will see a game like this made for children again, no matter how cartoonish Milton Bradley made the bomb look.

[Via] TV Toy Memories
Looking up the game on the always amazing BoardGameGeek site says the bomb would be wound up and start tickling loudly, kind of like a game of hot potato whomever was holding the bomb when it stopped ticking and makes its popping sound is out of the game. BoardGameGeek also reports that an alternate title to this game was Spudsie but looking on eBay it appears that it’s a different game entirely, manufactured by Ohio Arts.


I was even more interested to learn why Stubby Kaye was hawking the product and learned this was filmed during an ABC children’s game show entitled Shenanigans. The show only lasted a year but it’s not like Kaye wasn’t making appearances in other TV shows and movies.

Stubby Kaye - Time Bomb

I first encountered Stubby Kaye not from his roles in 1950’s Guys and Dolls or any of his television appearances. Nope. The first time I saw Kaye in action was alongside the legendary Nat King Cole as Sam the Shade to Cole’s Sunrise Kid as they gave the musical narration for 1965’s Cat Ballou.

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Stubby Kaye’s last role by the way was as Marvin Acme in 1988’s classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Marvin Acme

I think I’m going to have to keep my eyes open the next time I go out of state to visit flea markets, see if I can’t luck out and get my hands on Time Bomb, looks like a lot of fun.


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