Do You Know That Daniel Craig Was In A 1993 Episode of Zorro?!

When I was growing up I was always a fan of comic books. Captain America and Batman being two of my favorites as a kid. So is it any real surprise that when my Father told me about the 1957 Walt Disney Zorro TV series that I totally became interested in all things regarding “Zorro, the fox so cunning and free.”?

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Thankfully for myself I was eventually able to see that wonderful TV series when the Disney Channel had one of their free weekends back in the early ’80s. I honestly loved it, Guy Williams (Lost in Space) performance as the leisurely Don Diego de la Vega is fantastic, especially considering his very real athleticism and skill with a blade as Zorro that was on display each episode.

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So imagine my delight when I learned back in 1990 that the Family Channel was bringing a new Zorro series to television, one that starred Duncan Regehr (Dracula from 1987’s The Monster Squad) as both Don Diego and his costumed alter ego. Batman had come out just a year earlier so the timing was perfect to bring to a new audience Johnston McCulley’s 1919 literary character…one that obviously had an influence in the creation of Batman.

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Which leads us to this clip from the fourth season episode entitled “Death and Taxes” that originally aired on January 16, 1993 that just happens to feature future James Bond star, Daniel Craig, as the villainous Lt. Hildago.
Zorro - Daniel Craig

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This video says that it’s Daniel Craig’s first role but that actually was in 1992 when he appeared in The Power of One, I also need to point out that in that same year he appeared in the pilot episode of Covington Cross…as a guard on the walkway. At least in that role he didn’t get the sign of the Z carved into his clothing!


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