Beyond The Mat On VHS. Amber’s Employee Pick!

Hey kids it’s me again. IseeRobots. This i just a short little post about something I came across a while back that really brought back some memories. I was poking around The Dig the other day, that’s what I call The Goodwill Outlet store, so I was poking around The Dig when i came across a box of VHS Tapes. I really, really like tapes.

I worked in the Video Store Biz for many a year and look back at those times as some of the best of my life. it was fun for me to be surrounded by movies and also to have free access to just about every movie there ever was, dude, it was too much. I was in heaven.

So anyhow, I was poking around in the box of tape when I came across this doozy here. I mean sure, Beyond The Mat is a great wrestling pic but what makes this tape so dope is the stickers. First of all, it was an Employee Pick, that’s fantastic. Second of all it says “Foley is God” which is awesome.

Beyond the Mat VHS

Beyond the Mat Back

Amber, the employee who picked this one really put herself out there as a hardcore wrestling fan with that line. Only real heads ever thought that… Eventually we all came to realize Mick Foley’s godhood but it took awhile…

Anyway, to me this is a real slice of time. First Slice, It’s a VHS tape. Second Slice, Employee Pick, Third Slice, Attitude Era Wrestling… Three of my favorite things all rolled into one.. There is also a sort of Forth Slice, it was a PVT. That’s Video Store Talk for Previously Viewed Tape.. That’s some insider lingo for ya…

Thanks for taking a peek at this dudes. Want some more of these types of Offbeat Shenanigans? Hit up ISeeRobots.Com every Wednesday for my show, The Toys R Us Report Podcast! It’s pretty fun.


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