Are You Ready For That 1984 Transformers Animated Series Soundtrack?!

Are You Ready For That 1984 Transformers Animated Series Soundtrack?!

Okay, friends. Here is some pretty EPIC news for those of us that grew up on the likes of the Marvel/Sunbow animated series of the early ’80s. Composer Robert J. Walsh who worked on the likes of Transformers, Jem and the Holograms, My Little Pony ‘n Friends, Inhumanoids, Pryde of the X-Men, and G.I. Joe to name just a few is partnering up with Sony Records to release remastered soundtracks for some of the animated series he has worked on.

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This news comes to us by the way of The AllSpark Site with this quote from Walsh:
“…I am working on the remastering now, and Hasbro and I are excited and looking forward to the releases of Transformers, G.I. Joe My Little Pony, series and movie, as well as Jem & the Holograms – starting around 1983 through 1988 or so. The original master tapes were in great condition, and I plan on remastering everything into 5.1 surround. We are not definite on this part yet, but may produce this in a boxed DVD set with newly filmed interviews of cast and crew and original artwork and some video footage. This is fairly large orchestra very well recorded with an MCI console in a European recording studio, and it’s sounding pretty spectacular so far. Sony Records will be releasing the albums.”

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that in the near future we can rock out to not just the Transformers soundtrack but the Jem and the Hologram series with the likes of “Only the Beginning”…

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…a 5.1 surround sound version of the intro song from 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie…
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…and maybe even that awesome Pryde of the X-men intro theme?

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