Only the Coolest Future Protectors of the Galaxy owned a Star Rider

The Star Rider was an amazing imagination enhancement toy. A simulated control panel for a star fighter that made noises and allowed the lucky kids who owned it to take play time up to Warp Speed. This was an item I asked to get for at least two Christmases, but alas it never showed up. I would learn from my Mother much later on that she passed up a lot of toys that I would ask for because she thought that I would outgrow them quickly. Oh, little did she know just how long I would stay a child (I still want the Star Rider).

As you can see from the photo, this kid not only looks happy, but super cool as he jets across the pretend universe in his open air Star Rider. Clad in his sweater and dungarees, he is ready to B-BROOM, WARP and ZAP the evil alien forces that would threaten our planet and his fellow Star Rider Cadets. For under $60 bucks, that seems likes a bargain to me.


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