HoldSquare Nation Video Game Podcast

Hello fellow retro enthusiasts – gaming author Brett Weiss here.

I write books and articles about video games and other aspects of popular culture (brettweisswords.com), but in this day and age of angry video game nerds, NES punks and the proliferation of smart phones, that is no longer enough.

As such, my friend Outlaw Curtis and I have started a YouTube show called HoldSquare Nation Video Game Podcast (named after Curtis’s website, holdsquare.com), where we discuss everything from Atari to PlayStation 4, along with various aspects of film, television, and the like.

Curtis grew up on the Atari 2600 and Nintendo NES, and today he runs a global PS4 gaming group called The Reapers. I’ve been gaming since the mid-1970s, and I have a massive collection of video game consoles, cartridges, discs, and peripherals that I use as research materials for my articles and books. And, of course, that I use for fun.

Speaking of fun, Curtis and I have been thoroughly enjoying recording the podcast, and we hope that enthusiasm and love of the gaming hobby and geek culture shines through. In addition to educating and informing our viewers (hopefully in entertaining fashion), we have some laughs along the way.

In this recent episode, we talk about William Shatner, Star Wars, Tron, Dark Souls 3, Ratchet & Clank, and more, including my epic video game-related find at a recent Star Trek convention:

To make sure you don’t miss an episode of HoldSquare Nation Video Game Podcast, and to watch my other videos, check out my YouTube channel, which is simply called “Brett Weiss.”

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