A Young Ed O’Neill helps sell Pabst Beer in 1983

Before he was on Modern Family and Married with Children, Ed O’Neill (who pulls of a turtleneck surprisingly well) helped sell beer, but not just any beer, beer that tastes like beer, so you know its beer. That beer that tastes like the beer you know? Pabst. Commercials like this never seem to go out of style and O’Neill makes a pretty good tough-talking spokesman (even with the turtleneck – or maybe because of it??)

Ed aside, this bar looks chaotic and not a place I would be comfortable hanging out in. Maybe I am weird, but with the packed floor, the dancing, the beers being jostled, the guy with Irish accent barking out his order, I get overstimulated and exhausted just watching it and need to take a nap. If I actually entered a place like this I would have to sleep for a month.

Ed would go on to bigger and better things and the Pabst brand, which would have its ups and downs would emulate him.


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