Toy Review: Armored Batman Peg Pal (Pin Mate) from Bif Bang Pow

If you listen to The Toys R Us Report at all and I hope you do, you heard all about my little adventure at The Silver Scream Fest here in Santa Rosa.

It was super fun dude. Tons of freaks, horror movies, Famous Monsters and a meeting with my new pal Jason Lenzi of The Great Pod Stallions Podcast and Bif Bang Pow Toys as well. BBP is a maker of fine novelties, available both online and in a store near you!

So my man Jason Lenzi was down there hosting a panel or two at The Film Fest and me being a big fan of Pod Stallions as well as horror movies went down to give him a big bow-wow. Dude was mad cool, totally friendly and after parting ways he promised to send a few toys my way. How cool right?

So I waited a bit and BAM! One day at my doorstep was a box full of cool Bif Bang Pow stuff! It was all cool, there were Glasses, both shot and pint some neat Star Trek stuff, some Big Lebowski stuff. Dude it was all great but the one thing that stuck out to me was this….

Batman - Peg Pal -

A super limited Armored Bat Man Peg Pal, now known as Pin Mates. The deal with these guys is that they are sort of like Fisher Price Little People of old, it’s even wooden like the early Little People were. It’s very high quality, prolly Hand carved wood (not really), well maybe. I don’t know (definitely not)

Let’s pop open the case and take a look. The packaging is resealable which is always nice. I really dig that.

Batman - Peg Pal Front

It’s so rad. Just like A FP Little Person which is great because I really like Little People. They were one of the first toys I remember owning so seeing them in a new form like this is both nostalgic and exciting. It’s Nos-iting! No, that sounds too much like nauseating. It’s Excit-algic! No, that sounds stupid too. Forget all about this. It was a major waste of your time. Sorry.

Batman - Peg Pal Back

Here is a shot from the back. Pretty much what you would think. Black and Gray.

This guy here is from Batman V Superman. This is his armored form from the big final battle. That’s so great because I happen to know that Lenzi is a big fan of BVS. Just kidding. He hates it. Like with a passion. It’s a bit scary..

Anyway, I really look forward to scoring some more of these guys in the future. I hear that KISS and Star Trek are both on the way.

I figure that these guys are gonna make fast friends with some of my Little People, I bet the weird Black and White dog and that Freckle Face Kid in the sideways red baseball hat just can’t wait to have some actual cool guys to play around with instead of the normal dopey cowboy hat dudes and that red hair girl who is prolly his sister now that I think about it. How come I never noticed that?

little people dog

Look for these guys come June over at Entertainment Earth. I’d give em a bunch of mikes on The Source Meter, if I rated toys the same way I rate movies, with the standards set by a music magazine..

Want more offbeat shenanigans of this sort in your day today life? Hop on over to ISeeRobots.Com for that as well as The Toys R Us Report Podcast.
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