Toon In: Little Match Girl (1937)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Toon In, a moment in the week where we can share a specific animated series episode or short film worthy of your viewing time. This week we have a rather bittersweet offering entitled Little Match Girl which was released on November 5, 1937, part of the Color Rhapsodies series for Columbia Pictures.

Little Match Girl - Columbia

Color Rhapsodies was produced by Charles B. Mintz who is pretty famous for his dealing with Walt Disney over Oswald the Lucky Rabbit , the man hired away all of Disney’s animators except for Ub Iwerks but ended up losing that particular animation job to Walter Lantz (Wood Woodpecker). Color Rhapsodies also produced the first short to feature The Fox and the Crow who you might recall we shared a short for a couple weeks back entitled Robin Hoodlum.

Little Match Girl was nominated for an Academy Award but lost to Walt Disney’s The Old Mill, which I find interesting as both animated shorts feature the power of wind prominently. Little Match Girl is an adaptation of the 1846 short story by Hans Christian Andersen, with some slight changes, all though the emotional impact of the ending is kept intact…like I said already, this is a bittersweet short.

For quite some time the original ending was removed by Columbia Pictures but thankfully the presentation below is the full eight minute version. I don’t want to really delve into spoiler territory if you’ve not read the short story or seen another version of the tale so Toon In and introduce yourself to the Little Match Girl.

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