Winter Games…In April?

Let me play Captain Obvious for just one moment.

It’s cold outside.

It’s April.

It’s cold outside.

It’s April, so it must be spring.

But Allison, it’s cold outside.

So it’s official. It’s cold outside.

And now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Hi?(Insert clever line here).

Totally messing with you.

Seriously, hi everyone.

So, in case you missed the joke of that introduction, yes it is cold out. It’s horrible. There is nothing some people love more than a chilly morning, but they aren’t me. I don’t like to know a morning that is cold, when you have to brace yourself in order to leave the house, armed with the defenses of a coat that claims it will keep you warm, but sleeps on a bed of falsities. In my area, we are at a balmy 34 degrees…with a high of 43 predicted for today. And it’s going to be cold a few more times this week. This isn’t the April I know, the one that has periods of warmth and happiness.

One song I love to listen to on cold winter mornings (or even the cold Not Winter mornings, such as today), is the song “Winter Games,” which was the theme of the 1988 Winter Olympics, held in Vancouver. The song was composed and performed by Vancouver-born songwriter/composer/singer/Entertainer Extraordinaire David Foster.

Screenshot (159)

He has plenty of friends, trust me on this.

Now, while you may never have heard of Foster before, you’ve definitely heard some of his music – he’s written songs for the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Kenny Loggins, Peter Cetera, among others. His work has graced albums, both of his own making, and of others. And if you’re like me and channel-surfing past PBS, you may have caught one or both of his concerts that PBS airs during pledge drives – one from 2008, the other from 2011. Foster is referred to as The Hitman, and not because he will assassinate you, but because he will regale you…with his hits. Man.

Minor details and a whole lotta tangent, folks. Which brings me back to the point of this article…it’s cold outside. And when it’s cold outside, I happen to like one of Foster’s songs – it starts the day off right. Heck, it started my day off today. And yes, it started off right.

There are two ways to watch this video (yes, two). There’s the epic music video…

Uploaded (gloriously) by gville612

Screenshot (162) Screenshot (160)

Screenshot (161)

And then there’s David Foster performing it in concert during Hitman Returns: David Foster and Friends…

Uploaded by ooohbabyyeahbaby (I don’t judge on the names, folks)

This performance is particularly epic – any closeup of Foster where he isn’t “feeling” he music, he’s mugging for the camera…

Screenshot (157)

It’s like he’s saying to the audience, “isn’t this AWESOME?! Catch the spirit!” with that smile. And you know what? You did catch the spirit, you’re taken with the music, you can feel the snow hitting you in the face, you can feel the wind in your hair, and it all comes down to the ultimate mic drop.

giphy (15)

The double-fisted, piano-playing, mic drop heard ’round the world.


Can you blame the audience for the applause? This DEMANDS applause!

Folks, I have goosebumps – not because it is 40 degrees outside, but because THIS is why I love the power of music. It can move mountains, drop mics, and show a man in his glory, doing the thing he does beautifully.

And to think, this was going to be a nice article about a song I listen to on cold days to get me started. It turned into a tribute to ART! And why not?

So wherever you are today, however warm or cold it is, may this song inspire you to feel great and move just a little faster, despite the cold temperatures.

giphy (15)

Freakin’ boom.

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Her mom may read this. She’ll laugh. Trust Allison.


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