Reflections On Hardware Wars…

Hey, just watched Hardware Wars on my Roku. There is this fantastic channel called OSI 74. I would HIGHLY recommend that you add it to your Roku if you got one. It’s loaded full of all sorts of great creative stuff.

Man. I hadn’t seen Hardware Wars since like, way back in the day. It’s still totally funny. I dig it the most man. It’s prolly better than any of the prequels. I’m kidding I hate bagging on the prequels. It’s too easy and come on. We should be happy that George made them for us at all. Even if they aren’t his best effort. Respect the time involved dudes.

Anyway, I was watching Hardware Wars and took these pics. I figure that they might make some neat profile pics or something. Feel free to use them as you see fit. Or don’t. I don’t really mind either way…I remember renting Hardware Wars like 800 time or so but I don’t remember it being like 12 minutes long. That really is the perfect length though. Anymore and it’d get a bit boring. Leave em’ wanting more right?

For real though. I dug Hardware Wars so much. I really got to give it up to the dudes behind it. It still holds up as a parody fairly well.

Hardware Wars - Fluke Starbucker

Out of all the dudes in it the one that I remembered most was Ham Salad. Who could forget a name like that? I wonder if he had any siblings and if so what kind of names did they have? Caesar? Garden? I can only imagine…

Hardware Wars - Ham Salad

Anne-Droid is an AMAZING name too. I wish that I would have thought of it myself. Let’s just say that I did ok? Na, too late. I already posted this here. It’s practically a confession. Not even practically. It IS a confession. Forget I ever said this..

Hardware Wars - Princess AnneDroid

Augie Ben Doggie is ok. He wasn’t my favorite but neither was he my least favorite.

Hardware Wars - Augie Ben Doggie
Ok, he was my least favorite but look at the rest of the crew. They are all so cool, not to say that Augie isn’t but he’s no Ham Salad now is he? I wonder if that previous sentence has ever been written before.

Hardware Wars

Probably, but I’d like to think that if it was that it was in another context all together but I can’t for the life of me imagine what that context might have been. Prolly something weird.

At any rate. If you haven’t seen it in awhile or at all go out there and find Hardware Wars.It holds up pretty well and if you don’t laugh at least a couple of times you might be dead inside…here it is in it’s entirety. Watch it again or for the 1st time.. It’s only like 13 minutes long. You can totally spare that:
[Via] Funnyfilms24

Here is a bit of interesting trivia before I get up out of here. Ernie Fosselius, the genius director behind Hardware Wars is also credited with writing the song Lapti Nek from Return Of The Jedi as well as voicing the poor Rancor Keeper’s sobs after his beloved Rancor bites the dust.. Pretty cool. He’s quite an accomplished dude.

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