Blu-ray Review: DILLINGER (1973)

Hey, it’s your ol’ pal Daniel XIII, back with another award losing review of a gem of cult cinema, namely John Milius’ 1973 take on the legend of infamous bank robbin’ semi-folk hero John Dillinger titled creatively enough; DILLINGER (comin’ from those lovable rogues at Arrow Video)!

DILLINGER, as I’m sure will come as a shock to you, details the real-life exploits of notorious scoundrel John Dillinger (in case you skipped that lil’ block of text, known in some circles as a “paragraph”, above). After a shoot out results in the death of five FBI agents, Dillinger (Warren Oates) is targeted as a prime suspect. Well in the interim ol’ JD goes on a bank robbin’ kick and becomes a bit of a folk hero (not unlike the status of outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, who’s successful biopic no doubt got this flick green-lit). Before long Dilli-baby gets himself tossed in the slammer, and when he gets out he can’t help but notice his old gang has some new members; namely Pretty Boy Floyd (Steve Kanaly) and Baby Face Nelson (a ludicrously young Richard Dreyfuss). Well with that (In)Justice League of crime formed a never ending spree of breathtaking violence ensues with he G-men in hot pursuit!

Full of rock solid performances, great direction from John Milius (CONAN THE BARBARIAN, RED DAWN…I’m sure you’ve never heard of those obscure lil’ art house flicks), and stunning action, DILLINGER is one class-A great time at the movies (well watching movies anyway, ‘cuz this is a Blu-ray, but you catch my drift).

But while this film is worth the price of admission alone, we live in greedy times, and I know you are like me (and for that I apologize) and demand all sorts of extras on releases such as these. Well, how does a commentary track, a gaggle o’ interviews, those hoary ol’ chestnuts the stills gallery and trailer, as well as a collectible booklet (which I imagine sure is jam-packed with wonderful factoids and colorful anecdotes…and imagine is all I can do, because my screener was liber gratis).

So, far be it from me to tell you what to do; but if you dig on gangster flicks such as the aforementioned BONNIE AND CLYDE or just have to have everything Cloris Leachman is in (and who doesn’t!) then Chuck, this is the flick for you!

And just to make things easy on ya, you can pre-order DILLINGER right here!

Daniel XIII

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