1960’s Batman in a Red Costume?

With the recent release of “Batman v. Superman”, the internet was flooded with Bat News and info. While reading through some blog posts about the film and Batman in general I noticed the above Italian movie poster for the 1966 Batman film by Giuliano Nistri. I was taken by the use of color, not just in the background, but also for the red Batman suit. You would think this is an error, but this might not be the case. When Batman was being created, the original concept had the Bat in a red outfit. It was cartoonist Bill Finger who revised Bob Kane’s design giving us the more familiar less colorful Batman we know and love. So perhaps this is just Nistri giving a playful ode to the original concept.

I even found what looks to be a variant of the poster.


There is something about the red costume, especially on Adam West’s Batman that I can’t help but love. Of course, a crime-fighter dressed in red is just ludicrous and no one will ever be able to suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy it.



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