Me and The Snakmaster: Reunited And It Feels So Good

When I was a kid both my folks worked. It’s not a big deal most folk’s folks did. My mom got home a few hours after I got home from school, my dad a bit later. We always had dinner together but as far as an after school snack that was up to me. I know, what a hardship. Anyway, I wasn’t a good cook then and I’m still not one now. Truth be told. I’d usually eat some chips or a banana, maybe a Peanut butter and Jelly if I felt creative. IDK, you eat what you can make right?

That all changed one day when my mom brought home a new kitchen gadget that she got at Sears. She said that it was great and that it would make it real easy for me and my little bro to make some delicious and nutritious snacks! I’m down for that! Who’s not right? So what was it that she bought? What was this amazing device? The Snakmaster Sandwich Maker!

[Videos Via] VCR Cooking

What? You guys didn’t have one of these? Let me tell you about it. It was great. Basically what you did was take a piece of bread and put it on The Snakmaster. Then you took whatever it was that you wanted your sandwich to be made of, usually some sort of meat and some sort of cheese. Slap that on the bread and then put another piece of bread on top. Then close The Snakmaster’s lid and it’d cook whatever you put up in there into a small little pocket. An early version of The Hot Pocket as it were!

My life changed that day. At least my snacking life. I became all Snakmaster all the time. It was revolutionary. No longer was I a chips and banana dude. Nope, I was Mr. Pocket Sandwich. I made ham and cheese, I made my own pizza pockets with spaghetti sauce and pepperoni. I even make weird hot dog sandwiches from time to time. It was great.

I kid you not when I say that I made a Snakmaster Sandwich just about everyday for after school snack from the day it came home until the day it finally broke many years later. That was a terrible moment, for real. One day it just up and quit powering on but at this point I was a bit older and microwave food was a bit more advanced than it was when I first got The Snakmaster. I was more than able to make do with frozen hamburgers (I know, gross right?) and Bagel Bites.

Still though I thought about my old snack maker from time to time and believe it or not I actually found one at The Goodwill the other day. A beautiful model in perfect working order. How awesome is that, right?

Snakmaster 2

When I saw it sitting there I got slapped so hard with a nostalgia wave that I knew I had to have it. Let me tell you dude, . I feel like that goofy 80’s dork I was all over again and it’s GREAT! My love affair with The Snakmaster is rekindled.

Just right now I made one of my famous Pizza Pockets and it was just as delicious as i recall. I even made one for my daughter 2.0 and she macked on it like she hadn’t eaten in weeks! That made me feel good. The old man still has his Snakmaster skills. It’s weird. I feel like The good old Snakmaster is going to get back into my life just like it did the 1st time around.

I still stink at cooking and still mostly live on a daytime diet of Hot Pockets and Bananas but now with my good old pal The Snakmaster back in my life, IDK, at least I can feel like I’m some sort of a cook, right? At least I can keep telling myself that while I chow down on my pepperoni pocket!

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