Patrick McGoohan AKA The Prisoner Played Drums?

The late great Patrick McGoohan is probably best known for his role in the groundbreaking TV series The Prisoner, rightfully so with it’s absolutely anti-establishment message delivered with all of the softness of a medieval gauntlet wrapped in barbed wire.

The Prisoner - Pawn

Another of the many reasons the series is still widely loved of course has a big part to do with the screen presence of McGoohan himself. In 1962 the actor was coming off of a very important job as John Drake in the immensely popular British TV series entitled Danger Man when he took the part of Johnny Cousin in the Jazz “adaptation” of Othello in All Night Long.

[Via] Night of the Trailers

All Night Long Poster

Now this is a part that I am very sad to say that not only have I not seen All Night Long for myself but until yesterday didn’t even know of its existence. Thankfully a member of The Prisoner Facebook Group shared the below video of McGoohan who did train to play the drums for the film…and like everything that the actor did he performed it with style!

[Via] Reel Wild Planet

Apparently a Criterion Collection version of the film was released back in 2011…I’m going to have to do my best to track it down, I’ll be sure to post a review when I do but until then…”Be Seeing You!”


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