Captain Midnight HBO Break-In!

I really dig unexpected, uncontrolled moments on TV. This one isn’t really that fun but it is kind of cool.

Unexpectedly one spooky night (I don’t really know if it was spooky or not but it’s better to imagine that it was) some dude broke into HBO’s Satellite signal under the name of Captain Midnight. (Midnight was a fairly popular radio character back in the 40’s or so,) while they were playing The Falcon And The Snowman! which is a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it..

Anyway dude was a disgruntled Cable Salesman or something and decided to strike back at the rising cost of TV by posting a sort of anti consumer message right during the middle of the movie…This was way back in 1986 and at the time the network cost a mere 12.95. I think it’s like 500 dollars a month now or something. It’s not really that much but it is fairly pricey but hey, I gotta see my Game Of Thrones!

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[Via] Kenneth Burns


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