It Only Took 37 Years To Put This Darth Vader Model Together!

As I’ve shared numerous times already, each shift I’m lucky enough to work at the arcade finds some kind of pleasant surprise. Whether that be a Player bringing in a collection of Odyssey II games to gift the arcade or perhaps a kind soul brings a Bashasaurus from Masters of the Universe still in it’s box!

The other day one of the loyal Players, Luca, who we jokingly and good-naturedly describe as being an Arkadian Kid contacted us and asked if it might be okay to construct a plastic model in the party room. It was plain to see that Luca was incredibly excited about something and so were we when it was revealed what the model turned out to be. A 1979 MPC Darth Vader model kit that had never been opened!

Star Wars - Darth Vader Model 1

This was the first plastic model that Luca had put together and after a quick stop by the local Hobby Lobby, Lord Vader quickly began to take shape.

Darth Vader Model 2 - Star Wars

Darth Vader Instructions - Star Wars

Darth Vader Model 3 - Star Wars

Hey! Is that the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App?!
Hey! Is that the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App?!

Before the evening was over Luca had applied some paint to sections of the model like Vader’s breathing apparatus and before you could say “Inform the commander that Lord Vader’s shuttle has arrived.” Luca was ready to show off the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Darth Vader Model 7 - Star Wars

Now the real question is whether Luca is ready to take the next step and tackle the Millennium Falcon model?

Millennium Falcon - Star Wars


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