This 1964 Johnny Seven Micro Helmet Let You Become Ant-Man!

Okay. I believe that Ant-Man debuted in issue #27 of Tales to Astonish, which was released in January of 1962, created by Stan Lee, his brother Larry Lieber and of course illustrated by Jack Kirby. I’m just saying that perhaps , just perhaps now that the toy designers for Topper Toys were slightly inspired to model their Johnny Seven Micro Helmet Phone Set to resemble Dr. Hank Pym’s communication helmet.

Ant Man

Now after watching this TV commercial below featuring said Micro Helmet I totally want one for my very own, I’d just wear it at work all day…but I also have to admit that I’m captivated by another item from the Johnny Seven toyline. The O.M.A. aka the One Man Army toy weapon, seriously, it has everything!

[Via] Paul Harrison

The one thing that the Johnny Seven toyline didn’t have? That was permission by Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) to have the toys commercials aired during commercial breaks on his show, he totally refused to allow Topper Toys to purchase air time!
Mister Rogers and Captain Kangaroo


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