Laugh Your Way Through Monday With Dean Martin And Rodney Dangerfield (1973)

Oh boy. I’m not sure if it was because I took up the Retroist on his offer of a glass of Peeps Chocolate Milk or the fact that at the end of the night I decided to eat the leftover Easter candy but I’m having a hard time rolling out of bed and greeting Monday properly.

Thankfully if you are like me and overindulged yourself on Chocolate yesterday you can get that old grey matter functioning a little quicker thanks to the laughs provided by this 1973 clip from the Dean Martin Show featuring stand-up luminary and actor Rodney Dangerfield as well as Martin himself of course.


Perhaps after watching that clip you are in the mood for some more Rodney Dangerfield memories? Might I suggest Episode 145 of the Retroist Podcast focusing on 1986’s Back To School?


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